What we believe in

This is an on-line shop where you can find tea that has been grown in Nara, Japan, without any use of chemical pesticide or fertiliser.
This shop has been lovingly created by Yukiko Nakajima, a qualified instructor and an educator of Japanese tea. She has been fascinated by the medical quality of tea and recently has been working very hard to spread the fun and goodness of making and drinking tea.
For centuries, tea has been a very important part of lives in many cultures, as medicine and for pleasure. It is famously considered that Japanese cuisine is one of the healthiest diet in the world and we cannot forget that tea is drunk as a main drink with the wellbalanced meals.
We believe that tea is not only delicious but is good for you and also it is inexpensive.
Another thing we would like to mention is that at our shop we do not standardise the measurement as 'per person' or 'per cup'. It might sound a little peculiar, but the flavour of tea can be different when you have someone to enjoy it with. So when you make tea, we would like you to try making it for someone - it could even be yourself from the future when there's no one else around! And see if the tea tastes even better...
It would be an absolute pleasure if we could help in anyway to support your physical and spiritual well-being through our tea. (For more detailed info and our ethos, please see yungyun.com)
お茶の薬効に惹かれてお茶を普及する活動をしている、日本茶イン ストラクター、茶育指導士の 中島由紀子が立ち上げた、奈良県産無農薬無化学肥料のお茶を世界 に販売するサイトです。
お茶は長い歴史の中で、薬として趣向品として、我々人間と深く関 わってきました。 日本の伝統的な食生活は世界に誇れる健康食で すが、 その食生活の礎となる飲み物は、「お茶」 でしょう。
そして当店では、あえて一回分を一人分とカウントしません。明日 の自分でもいい、いつも誰か とお茶を飲む、誰かが誰かにお茶をいれてあげる。不思議なこと に、そんなちょっとした事で、味 が美味しくなります。
お茶を通して愛すべき皆様の身体と心の健康を支えられればと思っ ております。
(詳しい経緯、販売の目的については yungyun.com をご覧ください)